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Your goal in Boxhead 2Play is strategising how to clean out a room of zombies. Choose nightmare mode instead of beginner, intermediate, or expert to give you the extra advantage of getting more weapons. Zombies are generated at the entrance of the rooms, so stacking barrels and fake walls to block their access can give you and your partner time to blow up a lot of them at once, and always pick very small or boxy rooms to keep them at bay.

Boxhead2Playgets even more tricky when the devils enter the picture. Your Boxhead character can sustain a lot of damage from devils because they can shoot fireballs at you! So as soon as they appear, get rid of them. Timing is key in this nonstop game. To survive, keep moving; and try to stay in areas that are roomy when being chased by zombies. The devils have the ability to blow up barrels that you stack in front of entrances, so if zombies are present, you can use this approach to kill them off. Take care to watch out for the blasts from explosions when killing your attackers, though. Standing too close when an explosion goes off will damage your character within a certain blast radius! Try to upgrade to get your hands on grenades and uzis. Both can easily clear out the screen of zombies mobs and devils! Whenever you reach the score of 100,000,000 or more, type in “Lobbsters” to double your previous points, and continue to increase your multiplier by killing as many of your attackers as possible in the game. You can even choose to play in a mode free of obstacle collisions and devils and put the game speed on high to start the game. As an extra tip, Cooperative Mode gives you twice the firepower!

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This website allows you to play The Boxhead2Playgame online for free. This game is simply one of the best and coolest online flash games out there that you can play in your browser for free for as long and as many times as you want! The most attractive feature of Boxhead2Playis that you can use different weapons and use cool upgrades to reach your goal in these games. If you liked Boxhead’s earlier games, you‘ll likely enjoy this one too! Please Share and Like this website if you found it helpful.

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