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Boxhead 2play is the thrilling sequel to the original, monster slaying classic. It was created by Sean Cooper and expands on the original by adding team co-op, and death match modes. Players control a commando up against an endless hoard of zombies, devils, and monsters. A free-roam environment gives players the ability to move where they want at will. Move through levels to get new weapons, and face new monsters. Can you survive the onslaught?


Controlling Boxhead 2 only requires a keyboard. If you are playing single player mode, you use the arrow keys to move, space bar to fire, “P” to pause, and keys 1-0 to change your weapons. Weapons include a pistol, uzi, shotgun, barrels, grenades, fake walls, claymore, rocket launcher, charge pack, and the all-mighty railgun.

In two player mode, the first player uses the arrow keys to move, but fires with the “?” key, and changes weapons with the “,” and “.” keys. The second player uses the “WASD” keys to move, the space bar to fire, and “Q” and “E” to cycle through weapons.

Tips and Tricks

Not all weapons are equal: the shotgun works best with the zombie, while the uzi destroys the devils. Keep that in mind, and master your weapon hotkeys to switch between them efficiently.

Increase your score by taking down multiple enemies quickly. This increases your multiplier. Watch your multiplier timer! It will quickly fall if you don’t kill an enemy quickly enough.

Your explosive weapons can hurt you! Claymores, grenades, and chargepacks are therefore best used sparingly.

Boxhead 2play is the perfect game for the budding zombie slayer in us all. Load up a single player game, or huddle around the keyboard for amazing coop and death match experiences. Boxhead 2play is produced by Crazy Monkey, and is available at their website.

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